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Aluminium Window Replacement

Another type of window Viewbuilt specialises in is aluminium windows. Aluminium windows are often described as being elegant and discreet, allowing for full entry of light but with the highest level of privacy. Aluminium windows are popular among home and commercial business owners around Melbourne.

Their durability, strength and lightness make aluminium windows a great alternative to timber windows, especially with large glass windows, where weight can often be an issue. Aluminium is also a very cost effective choice, and if you take into consideration their low maintenance, it’s no wonder more property owners turn to aluminium as their first preference. It’s as simple as giving them a clean every couple of months with a quick wipe of a soft cloth.

Viewbuilt only supplies and replaces aluminium windows that meet our high standards in terms of look, security, durability, energy efficiency and user-friendliness.

The aluminium window options offered By Viewbuilt are:

Product-Aluminium-AwningAluminium Awning Windows

Aluminium awning windows are similar to the timber version with slight differences in how well they may function in a certain area. Aluminium awning windows are often used in kitchens, bedrooms and any other areas that require extra privacy. Aluminium awning windows can be arranged in columns or above doors to help create a wall of light and allow fresh air to enter.





Aluminium-BiFold-windowsAluminium Bi-Fold Windows

Bi-fold aluminium windows are a great, low-maintenance way to help showcase the outdoors while still within the comfort of your own home. Aluminium bi-fold windows are a great space-saving solution that can also add value to your property. Bi-fold aluminium windows help to create an open flow to your interiors, and are particularly popular for use in kitchens and alfresco areas where they fold easily to maximise your working space.




Aluminium-Casement-windowsAluminium Casement Windows

Aluminium casement windows are usually made of high quality aluminium that is a perfect addition to any property. They maximise the benefits of the glass area, letting more natural light in, and providing an unhindered, open view.

Aluminium casement windows are attached to frames by hinges on the side. You can choose to have either a single aluminium casement window or incorporate them as pairs within a shared aluminium window frame, helping to control the breeze by opening the window and directing it to wherever you choose in your home.



Aluminium-Double-Hung-(3)Aluminium Double-Hung Windows

Aluminium double-hung windows help to add value to your home and enjoy excellent ventilation. Available in various colours, aluminium double-hung windows look great in brick, weatherboard and concrete.








Aluminium-Sliding-(2)Aluminium Sliding Windows

Aluminium sliding windows are simply designed, highly functional and easy to use, providing excellent ventilation. Aluminium sliding windows are one of the lowest maintenance windows available on the market in Australia for property owners. Aluminium sliding windows have both strength and durability and complement most architectural styles.

As one of Melbourne’s preferred aluminium window replacement companies, Viewbuilt strives to provide comprehensive quality, and unmatched service to all their clients for all aluminium window needs.

With over 20 years’ experience in the timber windows industry, Viewbuilt has the expertise to assist you with all your aluminium window requirements at affordable prices and without the hassle.

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